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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Machine Embroidery

OK, I confess, I haven't used my embroidery machine since October, but I have been a tad busy.  Prodigal Son wanted me to embroider his name on his welder's cap (the one I was supposed to make yesterday), so I fired her up.  After dinner, the guys were having a Bible Study at the house and I headed off to the sewing studio.  I will just warn you, this story goes downhill fast....  I cut out the pieces for the cap and start to load one of the pieces onto the hoop. stabilizer is in the room we use for shipping orders.  To get to this room, you need to go through the room where they are having Bible study.  Not wanting to disturb them, and in my infinite wisdom I might add, I decide that since it is a batik, it just may be stiff enough not to need the stabilizer.  **Mistake Number 1**

I set up my practice piece and the machine makes a huge knot of thread and locks up.  I have to turn it off to keep it from beeping at me.  She is really upset with me!  So, I tug a little, snip a little and I still can't get the hoop off because there is so much thread in the nest underneath.  I grab my seam ripper and gently slide it between the underside of the fabric and the slot where the bobbin thread comes up.  **Mistake Number 2**

I've torn a small hole in the fabric, but since it is a practice piece I try again.  **Mistake Number 3**

I get the knot out--re-thread the machine--re-load the hoop and go through Mistakes Number 1, 2 and 3 AGAIN.  I move where I want the embroidery placed on the fabric and this time I put stabilizer on again.  She starts to embroider and it looks really cool, afterall, I am using varigated thread.  The design continues onto the part of the fabric that doesn't have stabilizer and I am back at Mistakes Number 1, 2 and 3.

So, today, I won't be so cheap with the stabilizer...I will re-load another piece of fabric...make the old girl happy and try again.  I sure hope Prodigal Son likes the #$%^@ welding cap!  :)

I'm sure PETF (People for the Ethical Treatment of Fabric) are on their way!


1 comment:

Merilyn said...

Don't you hate that?!!! And that is what happens when you are trying to do someting nice for someone LOL!!! Hope your last effort works a treat!!!