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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chaos, I tell you....and utter Madness!

Remember when we talked about my daily routine and how 'ouchy' I get when it is compromised?  Well, as we speak--my washer and dryer are in the dining room, along with the two doors from the laundry room.  My daily load of laundry has not been done since Thursday, and it is piling up EVERYWHERE!  So far, I have handled it all pretty well, but I foresee a ball and chain with me stuck in the laundry room all weekend.  The tile is finally down in the floor.  Grout goes in today.  Painting tomorrow or Thursday.  Then, my dining room will no longer look like a laundromat!  So, here is what my tile looks like.....
I should add that this tile has been sitting in boxes in the laundry room for six months.  So, it will also be nice to have that space back!  :)

In trying to keep out of the way and not nag (no, I didn't ask a hundred times "is it done yet"....only about 99!), I have been working like a fool in the sewing studio and on the longarms.

I finished this one for Customer S yesterday.  If you notice, the pattern is the Mystery Quilt we designed.  She used a jelly roll from April Cornell's line Portugal.  Love it S!

This is a close-up of the quilting.  I think I have shown you this allover before, but it was the one that S picked.  The buttery yellow backing is lovely!

Hopefully, I will finish custom quilting the quilt on the other machine today and will be able to show you tomorrow.  :)  As for today, I just need a little patience as I crack that whip!



Sue said...

Oh Your quilt you are working on is gorgeous and that quilting is beautiful!! You are talented:)

We are getting ready for a kitchen remodel and I'm not looking forward to that...only the end result:)

Your tile is pretty:)

Rilene said...

I love your paisley quilting on that pretty quilt!

Appalachian Quilts said...

Thanks so much ladies! That paisley allover is one of my favs! We were getting ready to do the kitchen we are scaling that remodel down a little since we are moving. :(