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Sunday, March 13, 2011


I know our husbands consider some of us addicted to quilting.  But, I come to you today with the intention of starting another kind of 10-step program.  My intent is not to minimize real addictions, but to offer humor...before we continue.  There are many things in life that you can be addicted varying degrees and forms.  Today, I want to talk to you about my hubs addictions.

Let me preface by stating that hubs wasn't thrilled when I started facebooking.  He didn't want his name mentioned, picture shown or anything that would otherwise jeopardize his position at his company.  He came to me with horror stories of how people lose their jobs or cannot otherwise obtain a job because of things represented on facebook.  Fast forward to Friday night.  His company insists that they ALL set up a facebook.  (Oh, the irony of it all!)  They are setting up a corporate FB and want the employees to join in as well.  (Ha!  Take that big boy!)  So, Saturday I do my wifely duties and help him set up a FB account, as well as a Yahoo! account....and by Saturday night, he was checking every 15 minutes to see if there were little red posts at the top telling him that someone accepted his friend request or posted on his wall!  Now, if you aren't laughing, you should be....because where do you think he is right now?????  He is in the other room, and if I want to talk to him, I need to post on his wall!!!!!!

OK, so that is his beginner's to the more serious stuff.  We recently took a trip to the town where his grandfather lived when he first immigrated to the US.  Went to the library to do some geneology research and the lady there pulls up in lieu of pulling one of those dusty books off the shelf.  We came home and promptly set up an account.  I haven't seen him since!  (That was November-December.)  He anxiously puts in his password while sighing "I wonder how many of those leafy hints I have this time."  His family tree is so fun and interesting, and mine....well, let's just say it is plain boring.  Because my family is from Appalachia, there just isn't the quantity of info as there is from his family with his Italian roots!  So, yes, I am jealous.  PLUS, he gets to pull up awesome pics and newspaper the article documenting his grandfather's death as a travelling musician!  Look at the kind of stuff he gets!

This is his grandfather, a travelling musician.  Passed away at age 25 from carbon monoxide poisoning after a show while staying at a boarding house.
and me....well, let's just say my tree doesn't have very many limbs and call it a day!

Signed in 100% pure jealousy....



Sheila said...

I have resisted FB too, for a variety of reasons, but many are the same as he first mentioned. And I'm always telling myself that I don't need one more reason to be on the computer!

Your roots have to come from somewhere... keep digging! My grandfather says his family is from Ireland, but in many, many generations of genealogy research we haven't made it past the little town where he was born... YET. I know we will someday.

Vivian said...

My husband had me set up a FB account for him, which he thought he needed so he could view somebody's photos somewhere online. Within an hour after we had it set up, he had 3 or 4 invitations to be a friend with somebody.
Major panic set in for him. He prefers solitude and no chatting and social networking. I shut down the FB account before the day was over, and he was a much happier guy.

Love the ancestor photos. I've considered getting involved with, especially after watching some TV shows. But haven't jumped in yet.

PS and FYI -- thanks for visiting my blog. I couldn't reply directly to you cuz you're set as "no reply" in your settings. Your e-mail address is hidden, so no one can reply to your comments.