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Friday, February 25, 2011

You Scrap Me Up!

I have mentioned the book a few times, but it bears mentioning again.  Bits and Pieces (Martingale) has a lot of great small quilts to use up those scraps you have laying around.  This first quilt was an Americana quilt.  The fabrics we used weren't what I would have chosen, but we were trying to sell some fabric we inherited when we bought out another shop.

 This was a pinwheel quilt from a Thimbleberries book that is now out of print.  The book was Pint Size Traditions.  There were a lot of good patterns in the book for wallhangings, table runners, etc.  The fabric line was a Hoffman floral line...back in the good ole days when they did more florals.

I love the name of this quilt.  It is also in the book Bits and Pieces.  The quilt is called Waste Not, Want Not.  How appropriate!

Tons of work today, so I can't dilly dally and bore you to tears....maybe tomorrow.  How do you use up your stash?  How do you store those little pieces you just can't bear to part with?



Merilyn said...

Love the little Americana quilt, such a simple design and blocks, creates a lovely pattern.
I never throw anything away so long as I can get a 1/4" seam around all sides. I usually save the smallest pieces for making foundation paper pieced pincushions, larger pieces I use in sampler blocks or HST, just love the scrappy look!!!

Eileen said...

Boy, that last one of HST is an idea to use up the box of 1 1/2 inch Half square triangles I save off of other quilts.
You know I never throw those things away. Always sew them before cutting off.

Appalachian Quilts said...

I'm with you, Eileen. I save all of those triangles knowing that I will make something of them...some day! The pastel pinwheels quilt (a few blog posts ago) would also be a cute way to use them up! :)