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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Still going?

Yesterday, we started the purses/totes.  Today, we will continue on....

Our first bag was a favorite at the shop.  A charm pack or two and some wool....well, just take a look!

This is called My Favorite Sewing Bag by Kansas Troubles.  Let me describe the inside for you.  The "patched" piece comes out, and if you flip it over, it is an ironing mat.  There is a large pocket behind it.  The ribbon across the center is to string floss or thread on to hold it in place.  There is a pincushion, a needlecase and a scissor fob with another ribbon to tie your scissors in place.  This one is great for traveling and taking hand work with you.

Next, we have a quickie from Quilts and More magazine.  Don't you just love these batiks?

Next, we have All Tied Up by Artful Offerings.  We got these coordinating polka dots and stripes in from RJR in several colorways.  They are too much fun!
Next, is our cute little Quilt Diva bag.  I forget the name...sorry!

This is our Texture Magic Tote.  Texture Magic is like 'shrinky dinks'.  You stitch your pattern, then steam it and it shrivels up.  (You will want to make your pieces, shrink, then cut them to size).

For the rest of the month of February, if you purchase a purse/bag pattern from our website, I will give you 20% off!  Just mention the blog and I will take the discount off before I hit your card.  Just go to the website:

Click on "Online Catalog"
Click on "Books/Patterns"
Click on "Purses/Totes/Sweatshirts, Etc."
and you are all set!


1 comment:

Karen said...

Boy, I like the sewing bag! I like that the one piece comes out & becomes a pressing pad.