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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Playing Hide and Seek!

When you were younger did you enjoy the game Hide and Seek?  I did just depended on who I was playing with or where!  If you play in West Virginia (where my family is from), you are playing in barns, trees and all over the mountain.  Pretty much you could NEVER find anyone....especially my cousins who lived there and created all these great hiding places while I was back home in my corner of the world.

Do your quilts ever play Hide and Seek?  As I have been scrolling through the pics I have been uploading, I have been having panic attacks about where some of my quilts are.  So, with high school friend here this weekend, as she has her own little quilt show, we have been organizing just a bit by season or theme.  Out of nowhere came three little wallhangings--OK, so not out of nowhere, but certainly not some place where I would store one of my quilts--must have been our missing child "Not Me".  ROFL

 This first one is another from the book Bits and Pieces.  I think we made about ninety percent of the quilts in this book.  They are a great way to use up the scraps, that's for sure.  This one is just a great way to show off some fun buttons.  It is called Box of Chocolates
 Our little penguin wallhanging was paper-pieced.  I hesitate to post this one, because I know we are all sick of snow and ice in the Midwest!
This one is called Trick or Treat by Joined at the Hip.  You really can't get a feel for just how neon the green is that we used here because it is laying on a light carpet background, but trust me--this one glows in the dark!

You will notice that all three look a little wrinkly/wonky.  This is because of where they were hiding.  Now that I have 'seeked' them out, they will join their friends on Quilt Mountain.  It is a special place here at our house...where quilts gather as friends and figure out who gets to mess with my mind next!

Hope your weekend was as special as mine.



Cheri said...

Precious! Great way to display buttons! And though sick of snow, I can never see enough penguins!

Appalachian Quilts said...

Thanks. I love buttons, so I an always drawn to quilts where I can display them.