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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Going Somewhere?

First, allow me to apologize for posting so late this morning.  Prodigal Son didn't get here until 2am.  Roads were bad with all of this snow and I stayed up fretting his travels.  Made for a very groggy morning!  I've started the coffee IV, so we can get back to our post!  :)

Today will be purse/tote day.  One thing I do love to do is use those great border prints to get the look of some of the designer bags!

Our first tote(s) are designed by me!  They are called Glory Totes and were designed as a Shop Hop Project.  Quilt-as-you-go techniques made these go together very quickly!  I liked the Jo Morton star print so much, I made one for fall and one for Fourth of July.

Bottom one is a little crunched up, but you get the picture.  We also used two different handle techniques.

Now, I will confess that I am not a big bag maker and the girls have pretty much made the rest of the bags on this post!  Bless our little bag queen, Janet, she has made most of them.

Next, we have a Thimbleberries bag.  This bag ended up being so huge, that we thought it would be good to take to classes or guild meetings.  This will seriously hold a quilt!
Next, we have the Eco Market Tote.  This bag helps you "Go Green".  If you are going to carry around a reusable shopping bag, it might as well be cute, right?  The Jinny Beyer border print on this one is a personal fave!

Well, I don't know if it is lack of coffee or Blogger, but I am having problems uploading pics.  I am going to re-boot (BOTH!)  LOL.  I will continue on with our purses/totes tomorrow.

Have a blessed day!



Absolutely love those purses. Good job

Appalachian Quilts said...

Thanks! I'm posting more tomorrow! Now, I'm off to check out YOUR blog! :)

Val said...

Love the totes. I can't wait to see the rest tomorrow.