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Monday, February 07, 2011

Did you know I have a nickname?!

I have been called the Woo Hoo Quilter by my employees, family and friends for a while now.  Allow me to explain....when I finish a quilt on the longarm...Woo Hoo!  When I finish piecing a class sample...Woo Hoo!  When I finish binding...Woo Hoo!  When I call out Woo Hoo, everyone knows I finished something. 

Last night was no exception.  Poor hubs thought I was rooting for one of the teams, but I wasn't.  I yelled out Woo Hoo twice!  :)

The first wallhanging I finished was my Black Cat.  This one is about 22" x 24" and it has been quilted for a while.  Just needed bound and a hanging sleeve.  Woo Hoo!  It is done!

I used a monofilament thread for the applique.  Pretty cool fabric for the moon, huh?

My next quilt, the Shamrock Quilt, had been hanging in the shop as a flimsie.  Remember, a flimsie has not been quilted.  I got the quilting done this week--did all stitch-in-the-ditch.  It is another Joined at the Hip pattern that is quick enough to throw together, so you have something to hang for the month between Valentine's Day and getting out all of those Easter/Spring projects.  I will hang it from my Star Hanger and it is a nice, bright pick-me-up while I wait for all of this snow to go away!  Woo Hoo!
I've started longarming a little something for Easter, so I will be in the studio today to see how much I can get done!  :)  It feels really good to cross some of these UFOs off the list, no matter the size.  Once I get caught up on customer quilts, I will tackle some of those bigger quilts.  It will be nice to have some fresh projects done to decorate when we move.

Did you enjoy the game?  Did your team win?  I predicted the Steelers would win, based on their Super Bowl experience.  I'm glad the Packers won.  It was incredible to see them step up and play their hearts out.  The preview show was emotional for me.  When the girl from Glee (sorry I don't know her name) sang America the Beautiful, it really pulled some tears.  Cameras panning over the faces of those football players tearing up, praying, and just the emotion of it all.  I am glad that we have become a Patriotic nation again.  I am proud that we have re-found our American pride despite the tough times our nation is enduring. 

I feel truly blessed.  Do you?


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julieQ said...

Thank you for your visit to my blog...I love your little quilts!! I could not reply...somehow you came back as no reply...have a great day!