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Monday, February 28, 2011

Adjusting to our new schedule....

Well, to say our weekend was busy...well that's just an understatement.  Move-in day is over, and we now have two 20-somethings living with us.  With one of these being our youngest, we have yet to feel the joys or pains of an empty nest.  I'm not complaining.  I miss having a house full of kids--worrying about getting everyone to baseball, soccer, basketball, etc.  Since, in my infinite wisdom, I donated all of our extra linens to charity, I had to run to Kohl's and buy sheets for two beds that we never thought would be used again, as well as a few other incidentals to get us by.

I have slain the paperwork dragon and he has been defeated.  Filing is 90% done and all of the new files for 2011 have been created.  Taxes are off to the accountant, who has been waiting patiently while she gets everything ready for the actual documentation.

The boys were up fixing their lunches, showering and drinking all of my beloved coffee to leave by 6:30 this morning, and I was so tickled.  They start school today, and I am just THRILLED!  I have to be on the other side of the world by noon today to look at a horse farm the hubs already has his mind on buying.  Realtor e-mailed this morning and wondered what time she should meet HIM.  Oh, I don't think so.....I'm coming, too!  The last thing I need him doing is buying this farm, making me live like an Amish woman, just so he can have land and a big barn!  I will pick YOU up, Ms. Realtor...and we will BOTH meet hubs.  So there!  ROFL

So, nothing new today, but I do have a few older ones to show you....

 First, we have Evergreen Pinwheels.  This is a Thimbleberries pattern (I still have some).  Now that I love scrappy so much, I can just envision these pinwheels and trees being scrappier.
This one is called Scandinavian Hearts and Pines.  Love this pattern.  This is where I got the idea for the Checkered Hearts Topper I showed you before.  At least you can see the quilting on this one.

These are both throw-size and have flannel on the back.  I love flannel/homespun on the back of quilts.  It makes them soooo cozy!  And, isn't hubs just a dear for holding them up for us before he went to work?  :)

If you order either of these patterns through my website, just mention the blog and I will sell them to you for $7 each.

Did you have crazy weather last night?  We are under a flood advisory, and apparently while we were sleeping, there were tornado warnings!  I love sleeping during a good thunderstorm, but now I have more limbs to clean up out of the yard!

How was YOUR weekend?  I would love to hear from you!

Have a blessed day!!!!!!!!


Merilyn said...

Good luck with the Amish farm lifestyle change LOL, I couldn't think of anything better!!! Thankyou for sharing your older pieces, it's nice that they get to see the light of day again, often times they are just forgotten about!!!

Appalachian Quilts said...

I wouldn't mind the amish lifestyle as long as I could have enough electric for my longarms and sewing machines! LOL