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Monday, January 31, 2011

So, you say you wanna see a few baby quilts?

In my oh so humble opinion, baby quilts that are going to be used should be machine quilted and have a quality batting.  Face it-the little buggars drag them around on the floor, spit-up and spill so much that you need a quilt that can be washed to death and still look good!  I highly recommend Quilter's Dream Green, Quilter's Dream Puff or Quilter's Dream Angel.  The Dream Angel is flame-retardant and has the feel of 100% cotton.  It is what I use in my personal quilts now because it is so soft.  Nothing says lovin like soft, cuddly quilts!

Our first contestant is titled "Ssssssss".  He is made with half-square triangles and appliqued 3-D heads.  Ewwwww!

Our little Jessia can take credit for McCall's Quick Quilts selling out of this issue of their magazine.  I think she made somewhere between 6 and 8 of these!  She made them in multiples of 2 and she made two colorways.  One was this colorway and the other was in pastels.  Whenever we have a mutual family member/friend who needs a new baby quilt, she pieces and I quilt/bind.  This quilt is how I turned her into a quilter!  She had two pregnant sisters and wanted to make them each a baby quilt.  The rest is history....

This is our little princess quilt.  I forget the name (Dinah would know).  The focus fabric on this one is full of princesses.  It's too bad the camera plays with the color in this one.  Picture doesn't do it justice!

And for the little boy?  Space rockets and bold plaids.  Gail wasn't too fond of this pattern, but with a little encouragement, she lived to tell about it!

This was a free online pattern called "Simple Nature".  We had this fabric line in blue/brown and pink/brown.  Still have one of the pink/brown kits left.  Outer square in a squares were pieced, but the part in the center that looks pieced is really a border print.  This is a snuggly one and we quilted it with the same little animals that are in the blocks!

Baby Day is over for now.  Perhaps tomorrow will be a little Springtime?



Andrea said...

what is the issue of McCall's Quick Quilt that was used for the "Legos" quilt pictures onyour blog of january, 31, 2011?
thank you

Appalachian Quilts said... have your google ID set up to hide your e-mail address, so I cannot respond....