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Thursday, January 27, 2011

More quilts....

These are some more quilts I had uploaded to my FB page.  I know....I fattened you with "Candy" yesterday, but this is another one I display for Valentine's Day.  This is a table runner out of one of the Mostly Table Runners books.

This is another wee one from the Bits and Pieces book.  By now, I should confess that green is my favorite color.

This is from Jo's Little Women's Club.  It is called Betsy's Baskets.  I think I am going to have to put it back on the longarm and quilt a little something in the alternate blocks.  I was in such a rush to get this done for the Club meeting....

Always wanted to do a two-color quilt, but knew using just two fabrics would drive me insane.  The solution?  This scrappy number.  This is in the living room and has the yummiest toile fabric on the back.  It is beautiful on BOTH sides!

Another one from Jo's Little Women's Club.  I'm starting to get an affection for those cheddar fabrics!

Leaf Applique Quilt.  This one is made from batiks.  I originally made it to match our old couch, but since we pitched it, it didn't have a home.  A GF came over and absolutely loved it.  She had been going through some tough times personally, so this instantly became her birthday gift!  Just call me Johnny-on-the-spot!

Same GF loves bright colors.  When I saw her bedroom was orange....well, you know who ended up witht his one.  This is a great stashbuster if you want something quick.  I have another pieced that is in blues and purples.  Once I get it quilted, I will show you.  It is more my tastes.

That's it for today!  Finding time to sew a little today!  :)



Merilyn said...

Lovely work Cynthia, I especially love your little baskets quilt, and the Cheddar one as well. Your Valentine's pieces are just wonderful to put out on THE day!!!

Christie said...

Your GF is truly blessed with your gift of the leaf applique to her. It is beautiful. HUGS... and stitches

Appalachian Quilts said...

Thanks, ladies! I may have to make another one of those leaf applique for myself! I have another basket quilt I will be posting later! :)