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Friday, January 28, 2011

I remember when....

I used to have time to hand quilt.  Unfortunately, my hand quilting is rusty and would need serious work before I could attempt anything like this.  I had done some hand quilting to practice before I started this one.  Some Amish friends had worked with me on my rocking stitch, and this is the product of my work.  I regret not putting a border on it, but it's a little late now!

I still try to learn something with every project.  When I did this Flying Geese Runner, it was to demonstrate how to use several different specialty rulers.  This would have been so much prettier if it were done scrappy.

My Maple Leaf Runner is long and skinny.  I have a long table in the dining room and this was made specifically for the table.  It ended up being perfect for a sofa table that I acquired later, so now I need a new long runner.

This Lavendar Hydrangea Runner was a class where we worked on mitered borders.  I had ordered a bunch of these kits from the manufacturer, and after we saw how cute they were, we wished we had ordered in the whole line.

I've made more of these Carpenter's Wheels than I want to admit.  My goal is to make these in smaller blocks and make an entire scrappy quilt of little Carpenter's Wheels. Delectable Mountains Quilt.  I have border fabric and four more trees for cornerstones, but I ran into a road block and finished.  I don't know if I like it with the borders and trees, so I just stopped.  This was going to be for my nephew for graduation.  He loves the outdoors and hunting.  He got a gift certificate and I have an unfinished quilt!  LOL  My goal is to make a decision and get this quilted before Spring.

Tomorrow, Scarlett is a pattern by Civil War Legacies.  Remember, I said green was my favorite color?  This paisley was a Jo Morton and I fell in love with it as soon as I opened the box of fabric.  I had to have something made with it. 

Well, I have a busy day today in the longarm studio, so I won't bore you anymore.


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Christie said...

The flying geese runner drives me crazy because I stare at it and it actually moves!!!! I love it though. The rest are beautiful too. Thanks for sharing all the pictures. HUG... and stitches