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Monday, January 19, 2009

Another snowy day in Ohio....

Happy Martin Luther King Day, everyone! I knew I was in trouble this morning, when I woke up to the news on the radio listing all of the accidents on the road and warning drivers to be cautious. This is a pic of the condos behind the shop.....shhhhhh....I didn't ask permission! The roads pretty much look like this, which makes for a joyful trip to work!

To the left is the quilt I am longarming. I hope to finish or nearly finish it today. It is a wedding gift and the customer just found out the wedding is a week earlier than she had anticipated. Eeeek!
This is the set of first quarter blocks for Thimbleberries 3s Company Quilt Club. Our first quarterly meeting is this Wednesday, and this group is always a lot of fun. (They are actually a wild bunch, but if any of them read the blog, we wouldn't want them to get any rowdier!)
I will admit, initially I wanted nothing to do with this quilt. It seemed too busy. However, the instructions are wonderful, as is always the case with Thimbleberries, and who says you have to lay them out the same way Lynette does? That's what makes it our own, right?

So, see, I haven't been slacking....I've been working my little fingers to the bones. I just can't seem to get it all done! Anyone want to help?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well, today the shop gals and I had to go to the Courthouse with one of our shoplifters. A little background here.....Connie caught her red-handed and she took the fabric out of her purse and threw it in with all of the chenille. She ran out of the shop and didn't pay for the fabric she had cut. We got her license number from the car and pressed charges for attempted theft. The deputy pulled her up on his laptop and said she had priors for petty theft. Since our 'incident' in October, she has also been arrested in two other counties, at two other shops, for the exact same thing. The prosecuter pulled us out of the courtroom and let us know that she agreed to a lesser plea of "Misuse of Property". Are you freakin kidding me? Misuse? Connie started yelling at him, bless her soul, and I told him he would be seeing me more often as I will now start prosecuting them opposed to the lady I drug over to her purse and made her write me a check....but I digress, that is another story all in itself. We had gone to the courthouse with a diagram of the shop, a bolt of fabric to show how she stole fabric, a receipt for the 1/2 yard that she actually paid for, a receipt where we had to charge off the other two 1/3 yard pieces that we couldn't sell because they had been cut and she ran....and copies of tons of paperwork. The judge suspended her fines and imprisonment, placed her on probation, and ordered her to receive psychological counseling. He was a stern, fair judge and I have no complaints with him. My complaint is for the Prosecuting Attorney. If we keep letting people plead their way down, where is the punishment? So, no pictures from me today, I'm feeling a little bitter.........

BTW, her name is Shari Patton. I am allowed to disclose her name publicly as all of her records are available on the web and this is all public information. So, Shari, I hope you get the help you so richly need. :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Something quilty....

Jo Morton is a longstanding favorite at the shop. This "Rally Round the Flag" Quilt was in a patriotic book as well as Remembrances. It went together really quick and I hope to use all of my scraps to make a matching tote. I have it all planned out, in my mind, so we will see how long until it comes to fruition.
I've been busy working on our shop hop quilt. This one has been a real challenge for all of the shops involved. You see, we had a plan. We wanted to go with the theme, Go Green. Once doing that and picking blocks that would coordinate with the theme, we had an outside person actually write up all of the directions. We get an e-mail from her...doesn't know if she will accept this challenge again, due to it being difficult to make the blocks play well together. Challenge? Eeek! Once we get the directions, we all begin wondering what were we thinking? How do you make this a marketable quilt? I've been playing with the blocks and completely overanalyzing how to make this work, but I think I have a solution. Of course, it will take me twice as long to make the quilt, but isn't that how I work anyway? LOL I will upload a pic when I have them laid out and you can tell me what you think....

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Betcha Didn't Know....

Mr. Quilt Shop used to be an amateur boxer! He is surely paying for it now, he has arthritis in both feet and suffers aches and pains from the old injuries, but he still reminisces like it was a good thing! LOL

Today is all about him as I plan for his birthday this month. Here is a pic of his new our house! It is fully stocked, 'just in case' his friends or family come over......ummmm hmmmmm....

Monday, January 05, 2009

I'm Fixed!

Well, 3 months after contacting Google, they finally.....fixed my blogger account.

First, I will explain the deer photo on the website homepage. I'm minding my own sweet business down in the sewing room and I hear Bammie barking like there is someone in the house. Eeek! So, I go to the bottom of the stairs, in my red robe (this is pertinent later) and hear something running back and forth across the upstairs. We had problems keeping the double front doors closed during a recent windstorm, so I figure they have blown open and our daily round of deer has made it in the house! My phone is upstairs....I am downstairs....crap! I creep up the stairs, shaking in my booties, only to find that the running is actually Bammie, our golden retriever. He is barking at me to come to the window. I go to the window and there is a baby deer eating fruit from one of the trees. He merely wants to go 'welcome' this poor little deer. I go to the kitchen window, which is about 20 feet away....and there is the rest of the herd. Did you know that deer are agitated by the color red like bulls are? I knew that llamas were, from when we used to have llamas.... My red robe agitated the poor momma deer and she started stomping at me! My knees are knocking, my hands are shaking....sure, I'm on the inside, but our house is ALL windows. If she gets mad enough, she's coming in! Argh! This standoff lasted a full 20 minutes, no exaggeration! When I left to go to work, I literally opened the door, looked both ways, then RAN to the car so she couldn't get me!

I've tried to upload the pic here...but Blogger is being a boogar. You'll just have to check it out at