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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Really Big Whoopsie!

Guess you are probably wondering why I haven't posted any blogs.....well, it would seem that I have been saving them and not publishing them! Whoopsie!

I've been getting ready for Soakum Festival. I've got 22 wallhangings, quilts and table runners ready to go. Today, I work on the dress. :) I was originally going to just buy a long denim skirt and try to skate through. Then, I got *the letter*. It was a gentle reminder that went out to everyone participating listing the rules as well as letting us know that if we weren't dressed appropriately for the time, we would be asked to leave. So, I am off to make my puffy dress! LOL Our area that I have designed will be awesome. I'm still torn as to whether to do the old time quilt shop or to do the old time living room. We'll know at set-up on Friday! Nothing like just going with your gut when you get there.

Here are a couple of pics of some of the items I have made up for the festival. If you are in the neighborhood.....come and see us. We will be there Friday and Saturday from 10-5 and 11-5 respectively. Lots of food cooked on an open fire, moonshine made by our county sheriff, awesome demonstrations......and you will get to see me in my poofy dress! ROFL