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Saturday, July 29, 2006

I've been trying to post....

But, for the last couple of days, Blogger is being a buggar!

I've been feverishly working on a custom quilt on the longarm. I'm just thrilled at how it is turning out. Hopefully, the customer will be, too.

My birthday was pretty awesome. Didn't hear from my Mom, but the world's greatest aunt sent me an e-mail. :) Rooster got me a gift certificate for another massage, and the celebration was wonderful. DS called from Germany to tell me HB, too. Jessia will be coming home from Germany next weekend, but she gets home on Saturday - then leaves for the Guard on Sunday. Her birthday is the 3rd, so I think I see a purchase of ANOTHER massage gift certificate.

Got the info in the mail this week for Moda University, so we are furiously working on classes and kits. I can't wait to start the Saturday Sampler. The quilts will just be stunning!

Pam gave me a birthday present every hour that she worked on my birthday. She is truly a special friend.

Well, that's all for now!


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Here I sit, with my glass of wine....

reflecting on what has been 40 years of an awesome life. I have so much to be thankful for. I have wonderful friends, wonderful family, a business all my own and the support from everyone around me. I truly feel blessed. As I sit here, I raise my glass to 40 great years and the hopes for at least that many more!

Haven't gotten much quilting done, but such is life. I've been designing a quilt, so we will just count that toward my quilting time. :)

I was excited to hear from my great friend, Pam, today. She sold a quilt on an antique auction and was just elated. She has an incredible website. Http:// Check it out if you are looking....she is a reputable dealer and is chock full of integrity!

Well, off to finish this glass of wine and see what other *surprises* today brings!


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The massage was awesome! I had spent many hours longarming before I went, so I was definitely ready. I seem to tense up my neck and shoulders when I am doing 'micro-stippling', and made sure I had a little project for her to work on! LOL DH got one too, and she was able to help with his shoulder problems. So, everyone was happy.

DS called from Germany yesterday. He was telling about all the goodies he got for free. Another soldier had gone AWOL, so after so long, all of their stuff is rooted through by the other soldiers. I know it sounds cold, but this chap has been gone for a few months....he ended up with a $2,000 paintball gun and a digital camera, courtesy of the Captain.

Guild is tonight, and I am debating on whether to take the three tops I have done. Usually, no one is really interested unless is is quilted and bound....hmmmpf! It is just an accomplishment to me to get them pieced these days!

Rooster finished Driver's Ed yesterday. He does his driving portion Thursday and Friday. Then, August 31 we will be taking the trip into town.....should I cry now, or should I wait??? You know, each child blesses us differently. All of my children have truly blessed me in their own way. My daughter is so much like me that it is scary (I don't know if that is a good thing, or not! LOL) My middle son is the most stand-up gentleman I know, and my baby---well, that is another story. When he was born...probably up through age 3....I swore that if he had been my first, he would have been an only child. He was quite the 'challenge'. He is all boy, and my ornery one. I love that about him. But, he is also different in that I only have to tell him I want something done once. Then, it magically gets done. No nagging, no threats...just OK. Gotta love that.

Well, enough sappy....

Off to the races!


Monday, July 24, 2006

Relaxing Sunday....

Spent quality time with DH yesterday and it was sooooo relaxing. :) We took a little drive and found that right over the hill from us are thousands of acres of reclaimed mine land. It looks like a range in Wyoming. If I ever win the lottery....LOL It was just beautiful. You could see the hills in the background, there were little ponds everywhere...just breathtaking.

Today, I'm all about quality time with the longarm. Need to work on that raffle quilt some more, so we can try to get that out of here late this week. I have a massage at 5 pm. DH got it for me for my birthday, and I am sure I will need it once I spend all this time micro-stippling this quilt. Eeeeek!

We had the windows down for our drive yesterday (which did marvelous things to this long hair!) and the smell of fresh cut hay and grass almost made me weepy. It reminded me of my childhood -- at my grandmother's house. It really made me miss her a lot. She has been gone for over 5 years, but it is still just as painful as if it were yesterday. Her unique personality could take you through an entire gammit of emotion, all in one setting. But, she always told it like it is, and you gotta love that! She was a practical woman, and made use of everything. Nothing was ever wasted. She didn't have a lot of kind things to say about ladies who "kept the roads hot" rather than being at home doing the homemaking. I wonder if we can ever slow down our lives enough to enjoy the homemaking and stop keeping the roads hot.....

Take time to smell the roses!


Saturday, July 22, 2006

Bring on the Rain!

Woke up to rain this morning. Thank Goodness! It has been soooo hot here. The good news--it is almost like a terrarium. The plants love it. My perinneals look awesome.

We had our mystery quilt class last night and the ladies finished up their projects from June. They are all just stunning. While they were putting their rows together, I finished my appliqued pumpkin wallhanging and pieced a Summertime Prairie Point runner. I'll quilt it and then show one of the ladies online how to put on the PP step-by-step. How fun!

I've finally figured out how to add the pics to my posts, so I'm including the Deck the Halls wall quilt from my post the other day, as well as the pic of my adoreable appliqued pumpkins. Pumpkins aren't quilted yet, but you get the picture....literally. LOL

I have been feverishly longarming on this raffle quilt for the Catholic Women's Club. Lots of quilting in this one! I can't wait to post a pic.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Long Day....

Didn't get to post earlier, as I taught a class. Class sample turned out nice, prairie points and all! LOL Now, I have started a Halloween wall quilt out of the Thimbleberries Boo Hollow line. I'll be on the longarm all day tomorrow while Pam watches the shop. Working on a vintage white quilt with hand applique work for the local Catholic Women's Club. I didn't want to do the traditional cross-hatching or the newer stippling and echo-quilting, so I have designed plumes of feathers that swirl around the applique work. Hopefully, it will turn out just stunning and they will raise lots of money with the raffle tickets.

Had a lady in from Hawaii today. She really enjoyed our "Tiny Bubbles" quilt. I had hoped to get it quilted before Guild Tuesday, we'll see how that works out.....also wanted to get Deep Blue Sea done for Guild.....ah, if I only had more time! :)

DS came back early from his training mission and called today. They pulled his unit back to Germany to start shipping their equipment to Iraq. They had postponed their deployment until November, but now it would seem that he will be going in August. Bummer. :(

Well, that's all for now. Gotta pick Rooster from Church.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Oh Happy Day!

I got my car back. The brake shop promises they won't need to see my smiling face for quite a while. ;0 We'll see about that!

Princess had her debit card stolen. She left it in the gas pump when she was getting fuel. Word to the wise....don't let this happen. Whomever got it, treated themselves to Wendy's after pumping their gastank as well. Then, they went to the mall! Argh! Needless to say, the Princess didn't haven't such a good day.

I got my Deck the Halls wall quilt pieced yesterday and loaded on the longarm. Have to quilt it before I can put the Prairie Points on. It is adoreable. As soon as I figure out how to put pics in my blog, I will start putting some of these in.

Until tomorrow....


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

When you're hot, you're hot!

Can you believe these temps????? It got up to 98 yesterday, and today doesn't look much better. Poor Rooster has band and soccer practice in this mess!

Finished the Princess quilt yesterday. It turned out adoreable, if I do say so myself. She will be picking it up today, and another customer has an appointment to pick hers up today. I also want to piece the "Deck the Halls" quilt for a class I am teaching on Thursday. It will be the first time I have done prairie points in a while, so it could be a looooooooong day.

As I made my ascent up the stairs this morning, I wondered who I could bless today. I have a secret challenge to myself to 'bless' someone each day. DH wasn't feeling well yesterday, so I think I will fix him breakfast in bed. He is still looking and feeling a little rough. :)

Have an awesome day. Keep cool!


Monday, July 17, 2006

So Much For That!

I was longarming away, minding my own "sweet" business, when the phone rang. DH and Rooster had gone grocery shopping and were stranded. Yes, the brakes caught on fire in my car AGAIN! The car has already been to the brake shop twice, so hopefully, third time is the charm. Needless to say, that shot the rest of my day.

Today, I have a little bus of women coming from the Senior Center in another county. I'm usually closed, but they called ahead, and I have class samples I can work on while I wait for them. Then, it is off to the bank and post office.....and finish that quilt! I am soooooo close.

In the shower this morning, I thought of another great scrappy quilt, so I had to jump out and write it all down. (I do my best designing in there! ROFL)

Well, it is off to the races! Hope you all have a blessed day!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

My First Blog

After considerable 'nagging' from a few friends, I have started my blog. =) I will try to keep everyone up-to-date on shop happenings, as well as the family and me. I've been working on the website this morning, need to keep it fresh-looking, so I change it around and post the new classes at least once per month. Classes have been full lately, which is exciting. I don't want quilting to be a dieing art, so the more quilters we can draft, the better!

I've been working on my Deep Blue Sea quilt this week. It is sooooo simple to do, it is just finding time that is tough. Basically, it is a rail fence block (varigated) and a wild print as an alternate block. You change directions of the rail block to frame the alternate block. All it needs is borders, and it is ready for the longarm! Pam is making one, too, but she is making hers with orange, green and yellow. They are sure to be eye-catchers. Bring your sunglasses the next time you come in the shop!

Today, I will be longarming the sweetest little twin quilt for a customer. It has all of the 'princesses' from Disney as centers for the blocks. I'll be sure to post a pic once I get it done.

Not much going on with the kids--Rooster got all of his beautiful locks cut off. *sniff* *sniff* Kyle's deployment to Iraq has been postponed until November. I am NOT sad about that! I know it is selfish, but no momma wants her baby over there. My prayers go out to the families who have loved ones serving. It is a difficult path to take. Princess is visiting friends on Lake Erie--boating, skiing and the like. Her little T-man has certainly grown a lot since the last time they were out. (For those of you who don't know, I am a Nana to a part Pug, part Charpet (sp??) named Trojan. Yeah, he was named after a school mascot--and I am THAT gullible! ROFL)

Well, it is off to the races for me. Much to do today.